You may, or may not, be aware of the changes that the federal government has brought to private health insurance that may affect your ability to claim for some of your favourite modalities. Since the 1st April 2019, private health insurance companies are no longer allowed to provide rebates for “natural” therapies. This, unfortunately, includes Bowen Therapy.

But there is some good news! The government has announced a review into the decision due to public demand (thank you everyone who wrote to the minister and their local member) and the Bowen Association Australia is actively taking part in that process. We have already provided feedback on the draft terms of reference and hope to be included in the first batch of therapies reviewed as we do have some new trials to include as evidence of Bowen Therapy’s efficacy.

Regardless of the outcomes, it does not change what the Bowen Association Australia does and will continue to do. We are the industry professional association for Bowtech-trained Bowen Therapists in Australia. We will continue to represent Bowen Therapists to government, industry and the public. We will continue to hold our members to a high standard of professionalism, ensuring that they hold a nationally-recognised qualification, the necessary professional indemnity and public liability insurance and that they pursue continuing professional education annually, so that they are equipped with the latest knowledge in the ever-expanding understanding of the body and its workings. We will continue to fund research projects. We will continue to inform the public about this wonderful bodywork.

We highly recommend that you always check that your Bowen Therapist is a member of a professional association. A professional association will always be run by members of the profession and be a not-for-profit enterprise. A professional association will always have continuing professional education requirements to ensure that members are maintaining and building their skills. Non-Bowtech Bowen Therapists may also be registered with the Bowen Therapists Federation of Australia, and some broader associations, Massage and Myotherapy Australia and the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society, also recognise Bowen Therapists.