Bowen Therapy and Concussion

Are you recovering from a concussion or know a person who is and want to know about how Bowen Therapy may help?

Bowen and Concussion Introduction Video –
Hear from Bowen Therapists currently using the Bowen Concussion Protocol and their description of what is happening for their patients.

Every concussion is different and recovery times vary. However, the potential benefits of incorporating Bowen Therapy into your concussion management program include:

Reduced Recovery Time:

  • Bowen Therapy aims to assist your recovery by increasing blood flow, reducing inflammation, and supporting your body’s healing response.
  • Bowen may assist in effective concussion recovery, facilitating a successful and timely return to school, work and the field.

Symptom Relief:

  • Concussion often results in symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, cognitive difficulties and sleep disturbances. Bowen Therapy has been reported to provide relief from these symptoms, helping people regain their cognitive abilities and overall functionality (read more via this link to the Craig Mattimoe study)

Comprehensive Approach:

  • By addressing both the physical and neurological aspects of concussion, Bowen Therapy provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to concussion management.

Non-Invasive and Safe:

  • Bowen Therapy is a gentle, non-invasive, Australian technique that poses no risk of adverse effects.
  • Bowen Therapy aims to gently release muscle tension in your spine, neck and jaw to assist you to stabilise after your injury. A Bowen treatment including assessment usually goes for an hour. It involves lying on a treatment table on your front and back while the Bowen therapist does sets of small movements on specific areas of your body with short wait times between them.
  • Bowen therapy complements existing medical treatments, making it a safe and valuable addition to your existing concussion management strategies. Bowen therapists recommend that you refrain from other bodywork, if possible while receiving Bowen to maximise its full effect. Your practitioner will tel you more about this.

Click Here to read the origin story of the Bowen concussion protocol and inital findings of the USA-based Bowen Practitioner Craig Mattimoe

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