Bowtech® Bowen Therapy and Concussion

Are you a Bowtech® Bowen Therapist ready to know more about how Bowen may help your clients with a concussion?

Bowen and Concussion Introduction Video –
Hear from Bowen Therapists currently using Bowen Concussion Protocol and their description of what is happening for thier clients.

Every concussion is different and recovery times vary. However, the potential benefits of incorporating the Bowen Concussion Protocol into your clients concussion management program include:

Reduced Recovery Time:

  • Bowen Therapy aims to assist recovery by increasing blood flow, reducing inflammation, and supporting the body’s healing response.
  • Bowen may assist in effective concussion recovery, facilitating a successful and timely return to school, work and the field.

Symptom Relief:

  • Concussion often results in symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, cognitive difficulties and sleep disturbances. Bowen Therapy has been reported to provide relief from these symptoms, helping people regain their cognitive abilities and overall functionality (read more via this link to the Craig Mattimoe study)

Comprehensive Approach:

  • By addressing both the physical and neurological aspects of concussion, Bowen Therapy provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to concussion management.

Non-Invasive and Safe:

  • Bowen Therapy is a gentle, non-invasive technique that poses no risk of adverse effects.
  • Bowen therapy complements existing medical treatments, making it a safe and valuable addition to existing concussion management strategies. We recommend refraining from other bodywork while receiving Bowen to maximise its full effect.

The Study:

  • A Study testing the hypothesis that Bowen therapy has a specific set of procedures (Bowen Concussion Protocol) that can safely treat and reduce the symptoms of concussion.
  • The Bowtech® Bowen Concussion Protocol Study 2024 is designed to:
    • Collect data to indicate that BCP may reduce recovery times for acute concussion compared with statistics supplied by Sway.
    • Collect data to indicate that BCP may assist clients with PCS
    • Collate and present data to Concussion Legacy Foundation (and other organisations in Aus and NZ) in the hope that Bowtech® Bowen Therapy may be recognised as a treatment for concussion and linked to the CLF website Help Page and other similar services.

The BAA and BTNZ call to our members:

  • It’s time to acknowledge the work of Craig, Jenna, Brynn and Matt and the Bowen Concussion Protocol
  • It’s time for us to band together with this knowledge to help people with concussion
  • It’s time for us to build a body of data that will ultimately help people from around the world to play safe and stay safe in sport.
  • We can make a difference.. we know it.. let the stats show it.

Ways you can be involved

  • Watch the Webinar Series Here
  • Complete the Continuing education and become a Bowen Concussion Protocol Practitioner
  • Join our study Via the Members area Here
  • Download a brochure and share it with friends and family

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Click Here to read the origin story of the concussion protocol and inital findings of the USA-based Bowen Practitioner, Craig Mattimoe

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