These Two Hands

These Two Hands: The Tom Bowen Story is a documentary film headed by The Bowen Association of Australia, and produced by Starmax Films, to showcase the practice of Bowen therapy through telling Tom Bowen’s background story, and highlighting the impact that Bowen Therapy has had today, through interviews with current practitioners, industry heads and recipients of the treatment.

The Bowen Association of Australia have developed this project to further highlight the practice in today’s society, raise awareness for the Bowen Technique as an effective healing tool, celebrate the life of Tom Bowen, and offer their Bowen community a marketing tool for sharing their practice.

The Bowen Association of Australia aim to promote and encourage the teaching of Bowtech; the Bowen Technique in Australia, represent the interest of Bowen practitioners throughout Australia, develop and maintain the highest professional standards of conduct and practice amongst association members by means of education, training, codes of ethics and conduct and disciplinary procedures, and support the co-operation of Bowen Technique practitioners in Australia and overseas. Through this project, the Bowen Association of Australia hopes to introduce a new audience to the practice of Bowen Therapy and further build their community. This project is for our community!

For Bowen practitioners, this documentary means more than just celebrating Tom Bowen- this is a tool for you to market your business. Explaining what Bowen Therapy is can be exhausting in a relatively unknown industry- let us do the explaining for you!!

We want to educate the public on what Bowen Therapy is so you can continue healing with your hands and growing your business.

These Two Hands is currently in its production stages. Interviews have begun, re-enactments have taken place and multiple trailers have been made promoting the film and our industry. But we need help to take it to the next level! 

We are asking the Bowen community, practitioners, clients, family, friends, film enthusiasts, health experts and people who want to know the story, to join us on our journey and donate to help us reach our target of $60,000. The funds will assist in further film production, post production marketing and distribution, and a film premiere. We want to take this to the world!

We are also aiming to gain some star status with sourcing well- known Australian actors/actresses as cast for the re-enactment of Tom Bowen’s life. This will give our documentary further exposure and increase overall credibility. This is a world first documentary and we want world class actors to share the story.



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