Face mask causing discomfort? The strings can pull on the ear and chin disrupting the muscles and nerves that innervate the face and jaw. This can radiate to the head causing headaches and shoulder pain.

Additionally, Ill-fitting masks can alter the way we use our face muscles and jaw when we talk, which may make us protrude the chin forward or clench the jaw to hold the mask in place.

Tips to minimise mask discomfort:

Avoid clenching your teeth, scrunching your nose or pursing your lips

Purchase masks with a flexible bridge and mould the wire around the nose

Breathe through your nose rather than your mouth

Be mindful of proper head, neck, and jaw position

Adapted from a piece in MetroWest Daily News by clinical specialist physical therapist, Brianna Sobuta. Read it in full here

With thanks to Bowen Training Australia for the original post.