The Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund was set up to create an ongoing memorial in honour of the memory of Tom Bowen. It was legally established in 2003 to honour Tom Bowen by helping those who he went out of his way to help in his ‘extra-practice’. Children with disabilities often suffer intense pain or discomfort and Tom had a special place in his heart for these children whom he treated free of charge on Saturday mornings at his clinic throughout the twenty six years of his professional life.

The Trust Fund gives us the opportunity to continue the intention of his work. Under the terms of the trust deed the monies donated by Bowen therapists, clients and people from around the world will be spent to assist children with alternative needs by the provision of aids for mobility and communication. With volunteer administration, 100% of your donations support the purchasing of equipment and receipts are issued for all monies collected. The trust fund is jointly administered by BAA and Bowen Therapy Federation of Australasia.

We thank you for supporting the Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund so that more and more children in need may benefit. Choose your donation amount from the drop down list.

Please note that donations are collected and receipted by the BAA on behalf of the Tom Bowen Legacy Trust fund. Donations are non-tax deductible.