Does feeling back stiffness actually reflect having a stiff back?

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Maybe not, according to research published on nature.com. Researchers suggest that "feelings of back stiffness are a protective perceptual construct, rather than reflecting biomechanical properties of the back. This has far-reaching implications for treatment of pain/stiffness but also [...]

Virus that causes COVID-19 survives up to 28 days on surfaces, Australian scientists find.

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Droplets of SARS-Co-V-2 in artificial mucus were tested on paper banknotes. (Supplied: CSIRO) The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 can live for up to 28 days on surfaces such as mobile phone screens and ATMs — much [...]

WHO says it can’t rule out airborne spread of COVID-19, so what does this change?

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After an urgent plea from hundreds of scientists, the World Health Organisation says it "cannot rule out" the risk of coronavirus spreading through the air in some indoor settings and has issued new advice. In its most definitive [...]

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