Licence To You

The Association grants you this licence to use the Web Site for personal use and information source, and for Members to obtain resources (“the Purpose”). This is a non-exclusive, revocable licence to use the Web Site and all of its content, (“Intellectual Property”) for the Purpose. This licence also applies to resources made available for purchase by Members of the Association (“Works”).  The Association represents and warrants to you that it has the right to licence the Intellectual Property to you and that your use of Intellectual Property and the Works in accordance with these terms will not infringe the rights of any third party. You cannot assign or sub-licence this licence. You acknowledge that the Association is the absolute owner of all rights in the Intellectual Property and that ownership of the Intellectual Property remains vested with the Association, and the Association is authorized by the owner of the Works to sub-licence the Works to you. You must not alter, remove or obscure any copyright or trade mark symbol or legend or other property mark on any Intellectual Property or Works provided by the Association.

You may only use the Intellectual Property for the Purpose, and you may only use the Works as a professional resource in your practice. This is an essential term which survives termination of this agreement. You must ensure that all copies of any Intellectual Property and Works made, printed, published or reproduced by you, including in electronic form, will bear whatever proprietary statement is required by us. You undertake to ensure that the Intellectual Property and Works is not subjected to any treatment that is prejudicial to our reputation or that infringes our moral rights. If you become aware of any conduct which is prejudicial to our rights in the Intellectual Property, or the owner’s rights in the Works, you must immediately provide written notice to us of this conduct including all details available.

You are not permitted to sell, charge, mortgage or otherwise encumber the Intellectual Property and Works in any way. You are not permitted to claim or hold yourself out, engage in any conduct or make any representation the effect of which would suggest that you are our agent, or the agent of the owner of the Works. The Association indemnifies and holds you harmless from and against any loss, liability, cost or expense that you suffer directly or indirectly because of any claim by a third party of rights in the Intellectual Property and the Works. You indemnify and will hold the Association harmless and you promise to keep the Association indemnified against any loss, claim, action, settlement, award, judgement, expense or damage of whatsoever kind or nature and howsoever arising that the Association might suffer as a result of any use of the Intellectual Property or the Works by you.

The Association has the right to revoke this licence to you at any time by providing you with notice in writing.  If you receive such notice of termination you must immediately cease using the Intellectual Property and the Works, and follow any reasonable direction given by the Association in relation to the destruction or return of the Intellectual Property and the Works.